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Bickston Family Dentistry


Dr. Mark Bickston

Dr. Bickston is a graduate of Duke University and Medical School of Virginia School of Dentistry. He spent six years in the United States Army including serving with our terrific fighting men in Germany.


Sherry and Evenetta have worked with me for over 20 years, and they are the cornerstones of the practice. Sure, as the office manager, Sherry knows insurance inside and out and can explain treatment options, and even make it sound fun, but she likes the relationships that develop with our she calls in the evenings to make sure everything is OK. (Plus she is proficient with our turbo encabulator). Sherry is the straw that stirs the drink!


Evenetta is my right hand and is so hard working and caring. She loves our patients and answers any of their concerns, and gives out hugs like candy. She is the expert in using our latest technology...the digital scanner which is used for taking super accurate impressions . But holding a patient's hand or laughing with them as they talk about kids, family or church is the human side of our practice that she really excels in.


Dawn is our awesome hygienist. A mother of 3... one of which is a giant and is playing college basketball. Smart and gentle, which is great for our patients because they want to have a good cleaning and learn about dental health but want to be smiling when it's over. She's been with us about 10 years.


Rachel's smile and warm, nurturing heart are such a joy to be around. She never has a bad day and whether she is helping Sherry as our receptionist, or helping Evenetta in the treatment rooms, her upbeat joyful mood is contagious. And it sure helps that she habla Espanol!


Susan is super health conscious, and her passion for healthy living and love of people led her to open The Bella Spa. Located in a private room in the office, she reverses time with some of the coolest technology available. She is the sweetest and nicest, most loving person ...and I should know....she's been my wife over 30 years!